Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My blog is DEAD for now.

I guess this picture explains everything.

If there is a chance I will try to revive this blog site again if time allows me. Oh by the way Happy 2010!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Most Fucked Up Proton Service Center Ever.

This would my biggest and most regretful mistake I had ever made in my whole entire 20 years of living. That is to book, purchase and to use a effin crap quality Proton car and even experience one of their lousiest services that they had to offer. Sin Siang Hin SDN BHD at ss14/1. You don't deserved to get a platinum award with your lousy customer service and the quality of the car you distributed to me! You deserve a shit award.

I beg to differ for those who said Proton cars are good quality. My arse. To those who thinks Proton might improve or is improving take my words. My friend the other day who was visiting a Proton factory in Shah Alam. To his surprise, he noticed some workers who can even chatting with each other while assembling the parts of the vehicles.

Could be worse, some of the workers even SMS when fixing the parts.

So, my question would be, is Proton's quality improving? You answer it for yourself.

I had enough of Proton, this would be my last post on Proton vehicles and services. The more I start a new post regards to Proton, the more damages I would get.

One advice for Proton, don't ever start developing or doing R&D on Hybrid/Electric cars. You will end up wasting money. Instead, learn from Perodua's management and services. Or else, you will not improve at all!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My experience with Proton

This post is to urge people to think twice before deciding on buying a Proton vehicle or obtaining their services. Today, I sent my car for inspection on my rear wheel brakes noise when reversing.

To be precise the place I sent to was Sin Siang Hin (M) SDN BHD at SS 14. The time I arrived there was 10am sharp. Those service people had even make a promise to get my car done by today roughly around 6pm.

OK, then I was stupidly being fooled by their sweet promises. Then, to confirm I will be getting my car roughly at 6pm, I make a call to the service center at 4pm. I was shocked when I was asking about how was my car's condition was. The people there take a bloody hell 10 minutes on hold and what they told me:" Sir, I do not know who was the person in charge of repairing your car." I am like what the hell, after being place there for 6 hours nothing had been done to my car?

Later, I asked them to pass the phone to the manager to find out what was wrong to my car. I only sent my car for inspection of the car's brakes. The stupid manager said OK I will go and check now. What the hell, after 6 hours only you go and start checking my car?

What kind of service is this?? When customers asked you to check then you only go and check? This means those people there don't even effin cares about my car.

10 minutes later, the manager called and told me that my brake pump busted and need to repair with a cost. I said excuse me my car is only bloody hell 9 months old and you asked me to pay for a warranty item? That's it. This incident had crossed my line of tolerant. The manager told me my car need 2 working days to repair the brakes.

That's it! No more servicing my car at Sin Siang Hin anymore!! PROTON YOU SUCK!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Proton SUCKS!

I post up this blog post is not that I am Perodua fanboy or anti-Proton without experiencing it. The main reason I wrote this post is to remind all the people out there DON'T EVER BUY PROTON for the next 50 years to come or don't support Proton at all. This post is to remind those who thinking of buying any Proton cars in the future. Or else prepare for your pocket to have a bigger hole when it comes to maintenance.

I am already fed up with the current state of the car since day one.

Day One: While collecting the car, the car had a big rusted scratch on the bonnet part which initially didn't realized until my parent take a glimpse on the bonnet. Plus, the stupid salesperson insists me signing the delivery form which I don't want to sign due to the poor handling until there is rust on it. Ok fine with that.

Day 16: The car is still new, while one day I open the bonnet and have a look at the engine. To my surprise, the power steering fluid had reduced below the maximum line. Like 1/2 cm from the original line. Then I keep on monitoring the fluid loss after that day.

Below maximum level.

Day 20: The power steering fluid does reduced. So make my way to the service center. What is more shocking, the people there working said :"Kereta baru mana ada kurang punya?". That word from a service people really pissed me off. They checked that nothing sign of red coloured oil leaking. Fine...head back home without doing a single thing. Poor attitude.

Day 27: A week after that, the steering oil reduced to minimum line. This time around I don't fucking care and insisted them to change me a new steering rack. They still don't believe that it's leaking. I told them takkan I buka and minum itu steering oil ka? Leave it over night and let them inspect.

Day 28: Confirmed that it is the steering oil leaking. Fine. Left it another night let them change it.

After a good 4 months later, now the brakes started to give me some weird sound. It came out from the rear brakes(drum brakes). Everytime in the morning when I reverse it came out some screeching sound like the front brake pads already worn out that kind of sound.

Fine, I can tolerant with that sound. Until today, even when I am driving at 30km/h to 40km/h that sound is even more intense. I suspect there is something very wrong with my rear brakes. Now there you go, another round of sending fucking Proton car to service center.

The car haven't even been using for long journey traveling and not yet even 1 year of using it. So many problems with the QC already. Even my mom's Perodua is already more than 3 years of usage and have not experience a single defects unlike my dearest Proton.

What you think? Is Proton still improving? Maybe yeah in the next 50 years to come. Seriously Proton haven't even changed their lazy attitude of Tak Ada la, Mana Ada la, Where got la all those shit. Can you ever believe a car that is less than 1 month old already having steering oil leaking? Wow! How "Great" is Proton's QC. My arse.

It's not I like Perodua, this is the reality. Perodua's QC are far way better than Proton in every aspect. This is my personal experience when owning a Proton car. Please don't ISA me because of this matter. Sorry for my extremely harsh words in this post. Just voice up my opinion.

This would be the 1st and last proton car I ever own in my whole entire life. KthxBai Proton.

Friday, July 31, 2009

PC Fair again.

As for the title above, and yes. I went to PC Fair at KLCC this morning. Exhibition booth this year somewhat disappointing. It's because almost every Hall you entered, it merely display only laptops and not anything other than that.

It was once known to be the tallest
building in the world, not. KLCC.

What I meant was there is so few exhibition booths that displays computer peripherals and other gadgets. This is the effect of Crysis! Economic crisis. XD

View outside KLCC.

What is Wayne checking out?

A SLR? No. It not.

It's a PEN. Nice one.

I went there just to get my long-wanted 8GB MicroSD card for my handphone. After searching around, I got it for a relatively cheap price of RM62. Yeah...that was unbelievably cheap.

8GB MicroSD ready to be...

...slotted inside my hp's
memory card slot.

Now...saving up my money to buy a decent graphic card on the next upcoming PC Fair. =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wikipedia, is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by everyone. The main usage of this encyclopedia is that the convenient of finding fast info without having to Google it and found almost less than 50% accuracy of the article you wanted.

Last semester our lecturer didn't even restricting us the usage Wikipedia on our assignments. It's because it didn't stated on the Unit Outline.

As for today's lecture, one of Unit Outline stated this.

At 1st, I was delighted to see the word Wikipedia.

Not Allowed!

Plus, my lecturer purposely asked everyone of us to highlight this whole sentence.

What a better way to draw students' attention of restriction usage of Wikipedia.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free from.......

endless politically working environment for one day. Gosh, that was so great to break free from it. I wouldn't want to elaborate it more into this post.

So it's great time for me to update my blog. Yes Yes, Kit Kat. I heard your "Loud Voice" calling for an update. Nah! Well, 24 hours of free time eh? What should I do during these 24 hours of free time.

Many people would think I am a crazy fella who likes to wake up early mornings just to get car park in front of Taylor's College. Guess what, I did it today again. What the heck you wake up as early as 5.50am when you have holidays, you could have sleep more.

I "drives like a slowpoke".

I refer to one of my friends blog post. He was too bored that he would stay awake up to 24 hours without sleep. Talk about nuts. He's even more insane than my case.

I am more to an early bird that gets the worm. =) .The reason I went to college is to collect my timetable. This would be the best time for me to have breakfast at McD. =P

Later in the evening, one of my ex-college friend wanted to have a look at the so called "Viva Elite". Head to USJ 9 Perodua showroom. Pictures below says it all.

Back side of Perodua Viva Elite
P/S: That's Kok Shen's hand.


MP3 and WMA. 1111!!!!

Price? RM44.7K. =.=
P/S: Reedit, the price should be RM44.9K
not RM44.7K. My mistake.

After that, we initially wanted to go to Hyundai showroom and check out the new Hyundai i30. We searching almost every road at Taipan, but no luck. At the end, didn't managed to view the Hyundai i30.

Well, another 4 hours to 12 am. Now better watch mah recently downloaded Top gear Episode 5.